“Every Day Is A Balmy Day”

I looove the balmy days of summer!  And so does my skin.  It’s just so much easier to maintain moisture when the weather is warm.

Then comes winter.  And it ruins everything.
My skin gets incredibly dry, which means switching to a gentle cleanser that removes makeup without removing all traces of moisture from my skin.  Because I won’t have much to spare.

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But now every day can be a balmy day!  I’ve been using Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.  I’ve never tried a cleanser like this one before.


It’s a balm!  It comes in a jar as a solid balm.  You scoop a little out, apply it to your face, and it melts into a soothing oil.  I know this sounds greasy, and it feels like that at first.  Then it rinses clean!  Clean I tell you!  With no oily residue or “filmy” feeling you can get from other gentle cleansers.  I use a washcloth with this, and there is not a trace of makeup left on my skin.


WHAT DOES IT REMOVE? (See Video Below)

  • Eye Makeup
  • All Face Makeup (including waterproof concealer in the video)
  • SUNSCREEN (which causes me break outs)
  • Dirt / Pollutants



There is no scent to the balm.  It’s gentle, but really gets rid of all traces of makeup.  In the video you see it easily removed long-wear cream shadow, waterproof concealer, and long wear lip color.

It does not feel like cold cream or other greasy makeup removers.  It rinses off easily and you feel clean, without the tight, dry-skin feeling.

I’ll be using this cleansing balm all winter, so even when the temperature drops…
My skin will look like it’s still the balmy days of summer.


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