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“Party On”

Crêpe paper makes me think of parties!  As decoration, it’s so festive and fun.

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 You know what’s not fun, though?  My skin looking like crêpe paper.

Lately I’ve been looking at my skin and thinking, “The party’s over.”  I see the texture changing on my thighs, arms, neck and chest.
And it was looking like this…

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But there’s reason to celebrate!  Crepe Erase™ has me feeling more confident in my skin.

The system is just two easy steps.

STEP 1:  Exfoliating Body Polish

Think of this step as a skincare pre-party.  Apply to wet skin (like in the shower), massage using a circular motion, rinse and pat dry.

As we age, skin cells turn over at a slower rate, so the dead cells hang out on the skin’s surface longer. You know people who are always “last to leave the party?”  That’s what dead skin cells are like.
So you have to kick them out…through exfoliation.

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The Exfoliating Body Polish lifts away dead, rough surface cells that cause skin to look dull and dry.

With naturally derived polishing beads and AHA exfoliants, it makes skin look fresher and more youthful.  I found it to be gentle and non-drying.  The products have a light, fresh scent.

STEP 2:  Intensive Body Repair Treatment

Think of this step as the life of the party.

Try Crepe Erase™ Today & Save

This rich cream hydrates skin, leaving it feeling silky!  I can see a difference.

Before and After of my thigh. Notice the change in texture! See more result pictures on Results will vary.

  • Use once a day on crepey skin on your body.  For best results, use twice daily, like I did.
  • This is a deeply hydrating cream, formulated with TruFirm™ Complex found only in Crepe Erase™. (Product contains nuts, see for patch testing instructions.)
  • It LASTS.  My skin is soft, hydrated, and smooth ALL DAY.  I don’t feel dry by noon.
  • Skin looks smoother and firmer.

I saw improvement on my arms, neck and chest, but check out the before and after pictures of my thighs!  These pictures were taken 3 months apart.  I’m tanner and the lighting is a little off, but I’m a blogger, not a photographer.  I did my best.  You can see more pictures of results on

Focus on my skin’s TEXTURE.  You can’t miss the improvement.

Results will vary. See more pictures of results on

Thanks to Crepe Erase™ I’m celebrating feeling more confident in my over-40 skin.

I was so pleased with my results,
I bought more Crepe Erase™ after using up my sample.
They also offer FACE products I want to try!!!
So this party…
is just getting started!

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