“That’s What Friends Are For”

After trying another EXTREMELY disappointing concealer, I posted a picture of it on Instagram, warning others to stay away from the product.  I wanted to save them the heartbreak caused by cakey, creased-up under-eye areas.

I received many sympathetic replies from my online friends who felt my pain.  They had walked that mile in my shoes, searching for a good under-eye concealer.  The responses were like a makeup support group.  Then, something magical happened.

People started sharing their favorite concealers!  One product kept popping up: Tarte Shape Tape.

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So I tried it.
Here is what the concealer was up against.  I don’t just have dark circles, I have dark EYE SOCKETS.

Tarte Shape Tape brightened the whole area.


This concealer is full-coverage, so it does take me a little time to get it blended out just right.  The results are worth it.

  • Hydrating the eye area with moisturizer first is KEY. Let that moisturizer absorb fully before application.
  • Using the wand, I apply TINY DOTS, and I mean tiny, on my lid, under my eye, in inner corner, and on the outer corner.  You may need less than me, I really need to brighten that whole eye socket area.
  • I use a makeup brush (like the one pictured) to spread the product and blend.  I have also patted a small, damp makeup sponge (pictured below) over the area to get the coverage looking its most natural.
  • Setting this with a little Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder helps keep the look fresh.  I’ve worn this concealer with and without the setting powder, and it performed beautifully both ways.  If you know you need the look to last for a long day, setting powder is a good idea.

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This is not a creased-up mess by the end of the day.  It does not gather up in wrinkles.


I have mixed a little of Tarte Shape Tape with my favorite BB Cream (YSL Top Secrets BB) and used the mixture as foundation!  Actually, that’s what I did in the picture above.

Tarte says you can use light and dark shades for contouring.  I don’t do much of that, but I could see where these would be great for it.

You can also use this to conceal imperfections.  I’ve found it great for covering dark spots.

Somehow, this is full coverage but it doesn’t look super dry.  It looks like skin.

It’s quickly become a favorite for me, something I reach for daily.  I’m so thankful people suggested it.
Sharing concealer advice…that’s what friends are for.
So keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on Tarte Shape Tape.







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