“Any Way You Want It”

When it comes to foundation, Journey said it best…

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it.

NYX Cosmetics makes SIX Pro Foundation Mixers to change the tone, shade or finish of any liquid foundation.  This means you can tailor your foundation to suit your needs exactly!

Two Mixers are pearlescent to add a glow to foundation:  Luminous and Opalescent. 
Four Mixers change the shade of your foundation:  White, Dark, Olive, and Warmth.

I tried the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in “Warmth.” It’s like a bronzer. Available on Amazon.

As I write this, it is raining ice outside.  It’s the dead of winter, so I have ZERO sunkissed color.  I always look ill.  No worries, I just mix a little Warmth into my BB Cream or foundation to warm up my complexion.

I can add as much as I need, it’s all in my control!

I’ve also used Warmth as a bronzer.  I mix it with BB Cream and apply where I would a bronzer.  It’s a GREAT alternative to powder bronzers that can often age your skin up.

I also tried the “Opalescent” mixer, which adds a little pearlescent glow to any foundation.

If you’ve got a matte foundation and you’d like it to look dewier, because you’re just in that mood, there’s a mixer for that!  Or maybe you just want to add highlight to certain areas of your face.  This is subtle and natural.

This is not glittery.  There’s an opalescent sheen to it.  I do think it lightens foundation a bit, and your foundation may give a little less coverage.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for that, as I tend to like more natural looks.  I’ve even applied it to my cheekbones without mixing it with foundation.

NYX Pro Foundations Mixers are beauty problem solvers.

With six mixers to choose from, you can tweak your foundation any way you want it.  It’s all up to you!  Make it darker, lighter, dewier, warmer.  I’ve added Warmth AND Opalescent to foundation at the same time!  The possibilities are endless. 

There are many things in life I can’t control, but now my foundation isn’t one of them.


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