I’ve never worn fake lashes before.  Ever.  I’m scared of the glue and of the commitment I’ll be making if I’m actually able to get them on.  I also fear tearing out my own lashes during removal.  I’m chicken.

Then I found One Two Cosmetics Lashes.  You guys, these lashes are amazing!!!

This is a true beauty game-changer for me.  In fact, my whole world has changed.  I can FINALLY wear fake lashes, and I wear them every chance I get now.  To the grocery store, to my kid’s tennis clinics, at carnivals, getting my oil changed…

Fake lashes make doing anything more fun.

No mascara or liner on here, just the accent lashes. And NO GLUE.

These are absolute genius.  Tiny magnets actually hold the lashes in place.

I did not buy full lash strips, I bought the set called “Accent Lashes” and I apply them to the outer corners of my eyes.



  1. Take a “Top Lash” strip and rest it on top of your upper-lid lashes.
  2. Take a “Bottom Lash” strip (identified with a red dot) and go under your top lashes with it.  So now you have a strip on top of your upper lashes, and underneath your upper lashes.  The magnet on the top strip will attract to the magnet below.  They stick together!

That’s it.  The magnets cling to each other AND to your existing lashes, holding the strips in place.  Yes, it takes a little practice, but not much.  Each time I do it I get better at it.  It only takes a couple minutes for me now.

You can apply mascara (clear or black) to your own inner corner and/or center lashes.  Let that mascara dry thoroughly before applying the accent lashes to the outer corners of your eyes.  Do not apply mascara directly onto the fake lashes.  I have worn them with no mascara and they looked great.  Liner on your top lid really blends everything together nicely.

To remove, use your thumb and index finger to move the magnets in different directions.  Once the magnets are separated, the lashes slide right of.  It takes seconds.

These are instant glamour.  You just feel gorgeous.

I can’t tell you the number of compliments I’ve gotten on these.  People ask if I’m using a lash serum or extensions and they are shocked when I tell them what they actually are.  My mother laughed at the thought of these when I first told her about them.  Then I put them on her.  You should have seen her light up.  I’m telling you, these are fun to wear.


  • You clean them with a wet tissue.
  • You should never apply mascara directly onto the fake lashes.
  • These are synthetic, NOT fur or human hair.
  • Remove them before washing your face.  Do not swim in these lashes.
  • Yes, when I first put them on, I can feel them.  I definitely know there is something on my lashes.  This feeling is short-lived, and I forget that I am wearing them.  Until someone tells me how awesome they look 🙂

One Two Cosmetics gives you all of the fun of fake lashes, with no gluey mess and no commitment.  The glam factor is high on these!
Pop them on and your eyes become magnet-eyes-ing!

Check out the quick tutorial on One Two Cosmetics Lashes and browse the styles they have to offer while you’re there!





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