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Finding makeup at the drugstore isn’t at easy as it was in my 20’s and 30’s.  I can’t just grab whatever is cheapest..
Some people can wear a face full of elf and look amazing.  I can’t.

NYX consistently offers quality products for my over-40 face & helps solve my beauty problems.

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NYX Cosmetics is hands-down my favorite drugstore makeup brand.  And I’ve found a new product I can’t get enough of:
NYX Love Contours All Palette.

Look at the colors!!! There is really NO color that I won’t use, and that’s kind of a drugstore miracle.

It’s worth mentioning, I’ve tried other NYX palettes that I haven’t been so happy with because the powders were dry looking on my face.  These are velvety and don’t make me look older!

The highlight and contour shades are beautifully subtle…
I’m not trying to go full-on Kardashian.


Me wearing all the products mentioned in this post.

At 47, a more natural look wears better on my skin.  Love Contours All has colors I’ll use every day.

All the colors on my face, except blush, are from the palette.  I used wet shadow as liner.  The highlight and contour colors (largest circles) are subtle, but just enough to give me a healthy look.  I used the shadows (nine middle shades)  to brighten my eye area and to help take focus away from the hoods on my eyes.  I filled in my brows with the brow powder (bottom two rectangles.)

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I started with NYX First Base Primer Spray before my foundation. This NYX primer is a light spray, not heavy and thick like many primers.  It dries down and you really don’t know it’s there.  I do think it gives my makeup extra staying power and helps it to apply more evenly.

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Before applying eye shadow, I always use this NYX Shadow Basej in skin tone.  It brightens my eye area by neutralizing darkness and it helps my shadow stay in place and last longer.  There are more colors available to suit your skin color.  If you’re interested, you can read my full review of this shadow base HERE.

Shop This Mascara On Amazon

My lashes have grown sparse in my 40’s, so I need to find every last one of them when I apply mascara.  NYX The Skinny Mascara’s tiny wand lets me reach my lashes at their base, giving a thicker look.  I then apply my regular mascara for a fuller look.  You can read my mascara review HERE.

Last but not least, NYX Lip Lingerie(Click here to shop Lip Lingerie on Amazon.) This matte lip color goes on and stays on.  I LOVE the neutral colors.  I line my lips, apply Lip Lingerie, then I use a lip brush to spread it evenly over my lips.  If you have a problem with lip color bleeding into your lip lines, try this stuff because it stays put.  See my full review HERE for more tips.

Nyx offers affordable solutions to common over-40 beauty problems.  It’s the drugstore brand I always check out first.
Got a beauty problem?  NYX it!


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