Over-40 Makeup Favorites From NYX Cosmetics

"NYX It" Finding makeup at the drugstore isn't at easy as it was in my 20's and 30's.  I can't just grab whatever is cheapest.. Some people can wear a face full of elf and look amazing.  I can't. NYX consistently offers quality products for my over-40 face & helps...

CeraVe Skincare Review Skincare Over-40

"A Smart Skinvestment" I cringe when people say, "I just wash my face with soap and use whatever lotion I have around." This is not OK. You're going to have your skin for a long time, so invest in it!  Make a skinvestment. It doesn't have to cost a fortune. CeraVe has...

Sonia Kashuk Lip Definer Drugstore Dupe

Few things age a face more than bad, overdone, shaky-looking lip liner.  As I've gotten older, a good lip liner has become harder to find.  One that I ALWAYS own is Sonia Kashuk Lip Definer, and my favorite shade is "Natural." I've also tried Laura Mercier's lip...





Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics Essentials Sample Box

Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics Essentials Sample Box

"Hello, Giella" I'm always searching for makeup that flatters over-40 skin.  It's harder to find than you might think. Dear Beauty Industry, Over-40 women buy makeup, too. Meet Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics.  They are doing things a little differently by...

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Drugstore Favorites

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