“Carrie On”

Are you wearing “cheaters” right now while reading this?   I am wearing a pair to write it.

Over-40 eyes make no sense.  I can see things 10 yards away, but not 10 inches in front of my face.

This can make applying makeup very difficult.  I apply makeup and think I look amazing, only to pop on a pair of readers to see that it actually doesn’t look all that great.

Problem solved!  Meet Carrie, my makeup readers.

The Carrie Makeup Readers have a lens that flips from one eye to the other, enabling you to apply makeup AND see clearly at the same time.

I hardly remembered what that felt like!  I am in the habit of switching back and forth from my magnifying mirror to my vanity mirror, all while taking my readers on and off.  It’s exhausting.

I also see these coming in handy for travel.

I’m putting a pair of these makeup readers into my travel bag now.  With my new pal Carrie, I can get a better look at myself in any mirror!  I don’t have to resort to trying to applying eye makeup in my tiny travel mirror then checking the look in the vanity mirror.

Carrie Makeup Readers come in a range of magnifications (from +1.00 to +3.00) just like regular readers, and they come in a variety of colors.  You can check them out at readers.com.

Can’t see your eyeliner?  Trying fake lashes?  Not a problem with Carrie around.
Put on that 2nd coat of mascara and Carrie on.

This products was provided to me as a PR sample for consideration for review.  As always, these are my honest thoughts.  If a product does not work well for me, I simply don’t review it. 

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